Repair and Restoration Services

Julian offers repair and restoration services on instruments that he has not made.  From simple repairs such as closing open seams to more complicated operations like installing sound post patches, replacing broken corners, and grafting old scrolls to replacement necks, Julian applies his extensive training.  Each year he attends workshops associated with the Oberlin College Conservatory that feature some of the world's leading experts in the field. 

And when a customer wants to return to its former glory an instrument of significant sentimental or monetary value, Julian taps into his skills in restoration, for example providing edge replacement, reinforcing cracked tops and backs, and reversing and performing anew prior repairs that have failed over the passage of years.  In each case, he touches up the affected varnish, improving the appearance of the instrument.

For a portfolio of some of Julian's repair and restoration results, please see the Repair and Restoration page of the website's Gallery section.